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What happens to solar when the power goes out?

What happens to solar when the power goes out?

I want solar so I always have power.

It’s logical to assume that solar panels will give you power when the sun shines, even when the power goes out. And without hardware to isolate the panels from your home, and the grid, then they would. But the National Electrical Code requires that all grid connected systems shut down when the grid goes down. That means you will lack power, just like your neighbors. 

Why? I want to use my power.

Completely understandable. But, if solar systems did not shut down, the people working to restore power to everyone would be a risk of electric shock. We already have a shortage of electricians. We don’t want to harm the few we have.

How do I ensure I have power then?

Batteries. Typically we recommend a backup system that powers your key loads. Refrigerator, water heater, well pump, stove, etc. Basically, what do you need if the power goes out? If money isn’t a major concern we can design a system that keeps your whole house running. It’s all up to you. 

Is a battery backup system right for you? Contact us to discuss your options.

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