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Our Story

Galusha Solar Colorado is a partnership between military veterans Jackie Meyer and Brandon Galusha. 

The same spirit of service that lead us to the military is the same that drives us today. Service to our clients and community to make life better for everyone. 

Behind the scenes, Brandon runs a related research company, finding new solar solutions to make the world a better place. That means we have the technical expertise to provide the right solar system for you, no matter the situation. 

Giving Back

As a resident of Aurora, Jackie is passionate about giving back to the Colorado community. Every sale results in a donation to Colorado 1000, a group of business professionals who raise money throughout the year for local charities. 

If you’re a local business owner, consider joining us. Just visit the link above for more information.

Colorado 1000 Coming together for local causes

Our Expert Team

man standing alongside solar pane.s

Brandon Galusha

Brandon comes to solar by way of the nuclear industry. His primary focus is in solar research and development. ​ Brandon's goal is to make centralized power companies obsolete. He is an Air Force veteran and pilot.

Headshot of person standing against rock wall

Jackie Meyer

Jackie comes to solar after years working at NASA and in the oil and gas industry. She's lived in Colorado since 2013 and has no intention of leaving. Jackie's goal is to leave the world better for her daughter through everything she does. She is a Marine Corps Veteran.

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